The Process

Our promise is to deliver a custom web design while meeting your objectives and supporting your unique brand.



At no cost to you, an initial consultation is scheduled, either by phone or in person, to understand your objectives, goals, and target audience. We will request marketing material, company logos or other material used in promoting your business. This helps us clearly define design specifications and the scope of your project.

Design Specifications

Once the scope of the project is determined, we will create a Design Concept and Project Definition Specification containing a summary of the requirements for your project along with time and budget estimates. Upon agreement of the Project Definition Specification further refinements are made to the Design Concept until the design is finalized and approved.

Development and Optimization

During the development of your project, you will be able to view the construction progress of your web site. We facilitate the process of search engine optimization throughout development and construction of your project. We optimize your web site as we build it. The project is continuously tested and modified accordingly.

Site Publication and Search Engine Optimization

Once testing of your site is completed your web site is ready to be published upon your final approval. Your web site is registered and submitted to major search engines once published.